Monday, October 16, 2006


Y halo thar, folks!

I've really achieved none of my goals these holidays. Sorry! I had hoped I could show you some cool new animations, or direct you to my new video-blog, but instead I just bummed around, sat on the Internet, flew to Melbourne to support one of my favourite local bands, got drunk, caught up with people I hadn't seen, made new friends. I had a great holiday, but I haven't furthered my creativity in the slightest. Well, not in any way that I can show you.

And now that "holidays" are somewhat over for me, it's back to Suit Up! and all that that entails. With any luck, I'll find a wee bit of time here and there to make things to put up on here. Watch this space, but not too hard!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Spring Break: Let's party!

Well, it's holidays once again, and I'm once again work experience-less. Must keep busy. So, what've we got planned? Well, there's still plenty of work to do for Suit Up!, so that should keep me busy. I have to plan and begin work on both my website and my DVD. I also have to go back to my original footage and find all the cool little bits, make an EDL, etc, etc. in order to put together some special features for the DVD. Anyway, not important here.

Besides all the work I have to do, I have some other projects to start thinking of. I'm going to be doing production design on an MRC funded film called "Flyswatter Dance Instructor" to be directed by my friend and personal hero, Dangerous Dave. We've got auditions happening next Friday. I also have toyed with the idea of going to Melbourne or Sydney these holidays, but I'm not entirely sold on this idea, if only for the fact that I have no money.

In spite of all this, I'm thinking that I will film at least two additional projects these holidays. I want to film a music video, and I want to film another short, with story yet to be decided. One of my actresses from Suit Up!, Lynda, has expressed an interest in doing some more work together, so I'll maybe give that some thought. I might also try my hand at some animation. Finally, I'd like to start a video blog. Maybe as a once-a-week thing.

So, to sum up:
  • 1 x music video
  • 1 x short film
  • 1 x animation
  • 2x video blogs (one per each week)
  • 1x Super8 in-camera short
Let's get to work. Any takers?

Update: I just remembered that I've got my Super8 camera lying around still. Added to the list is one Norwood Cheek-style in-camera edited Super8 film. 400 ft. All editing in-camera. No touching after the fact. And make the music before hand. I'll have to get my hands on some Tri-X or some such. Mo' money, but worth it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Next Holidays

So I was thinking that maybe this I will continue this blog past this current project to incorporate any future holiday projects I might dream up. This one was a wee bit of a fizzle; I think I need something a bit more along the lines of the Kino aesthetic: just shut up and do it!

So once this project's done and dusted, I'll start dreaming up another Holiday Project... and then another... and then another! It's gonna be rocking. Just you watch.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

If you ever thought that it was a bit of a wank to create a blog for this little film, I feel I should explain myself.

First off, I'd like to say that I had intended for it to be a bit more substantial, and that I'd have more to say on the matter. I'd write an awesome and inspired screenplay, that dazzled with its wit and wowed with its ability to avoid massive production costs. Then we'd film, and edit within 5 days, all in time for me to get that done and dusted before the Adelaide Punk fine edit and the work experience I had coming up at the time. Then I'd whack it up on YouTube, and be invited to parties with Brookers and Geriatric1927. Basically, it was a bit of a big deal to me at one stage. :D

Secondly, I always saw this as being something very different from what I'm doing with Suit Up! (for one, I want to keep that blog largely professional...-ish). The Holiday Project blog gave me another outlet. Furthermore, I'm completely addicted to blogging at the moment. I've got about 15 of the suckers sprinkled around the internet, and without this project, I had nothing to blog about for the holidays. It woulda been hell!

That's what I'm doing, sitting around now, half from fatigue. Because bloging is better than sleep, fo shizz.

Keen on Kino...

where better to show the holiday project (still un-titled) than at the next kino adelaide? I've fallen out of my old kino ways, and I would love to once again share in this fantastic gathering, this time with something to show!

As for the project itself, still no edit. I had planned originally to get it all over and done with very quickly, but that idea was very quickly over and done with. :\